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Welcome to Kamala Nehru Women’s College,Unit-1,Bhubaneswar,Khurda,Odisha ,"EDUCATION IS NOT THE LEARING OF FACTS,BUT THE TRAINING OF THE MIND TO THINK "- ALBERT EINSTEIN

Brief History:-


If a student is interested for education, Scholarship, Internship as per their present qualification and to move hiscareer with related advance studies then our organisation will help accordingly with better suggestions. for scholarship or internship. The student can also the best solution and guidance for his career in our organisation.


for job seekers we are giving very valuable suggestions and notification as per their qualification in their interested fields forboth in Govt and private sector.


WE are providing and excellent short term course for both offline and online work in the office like drafting, letter, note sheets and others works in their related job.

Vission and Mission

as u know time is a vital factor and important to choose the right way in the period of educational life to make our life happy and prosperous . In this period a student has to understand the importance of career planning and to prepare accordingly for the entrance examination for his/her interested field. for that the very important thing is he has to apply for the to sit in an entrance examination and fill up a correct application for the same. In this digital era if an online entrance application is wrong then the total workout for a student for the same examination is waste and result is zero. So it is very important to fill up a online application very properly and give the details of data very correctly so that a student can sit in an entrance examination with a very calm and positive mind.

This is also same for a job seeker for any kind of job you have to apply for that (Online/Offline) if an application is wrong then it will be rejected so the application for the related job must of fill up with a proper manner and correct as per the guidelines. secondly it is important for a job seeker (UPSC/OPSC/SSC) or like this type of examination to prepare and select the study materials for coaching to get the same. So we are very much conscious regarding the wastage of time of a student due to wrong application format, lack of guidance and notification towards his career (both educational and professional) which leads to a huge financial loss to their parents those who have a great expectation from his child.

In this field we are giving the best suggestion and guidance with our more than 20 years experienced professional to guide for the same. for which a student can lead his his educational career with a great ambition and success. For your kind information and here we are giving the rejection list as per the govt notification due to wrong application.